Our clients face a number of challenges when it comes to equipment management, mainly dealing with the cost implications of making changes to the current working procedures and practices.

Here at B&M we are experienced in dealing with all of these challenges through the variety of accounts we currently manage and have already helped our clients manage these changes as part of our fully outsourced package. Some of the common questions we are asked and can deal with are:

     What are the benefits and costs of Exchange versus One Way Trip?

     What are the benefits and costs of changing to Managed Recovery?

     What are the benefits and costs of changing to Total Pallet Management?

     Are there potential cost savings of switching pallet providers?

     Pallet providers are constantly coming up with new solutions / projects, (e.g. new costing structure). Can you advise if this is suitable for us and whether your systems can cope with these changes?

     What is the best solution for pallets that need to be sent out of the pool?

B&M can provide a variety of reports that give full analysis of these options for our clients and with the flexibility built into our in-house systems, we are able to accommodate any changes that are found to be financially viable.