The System

Dedicated software suite, internally written and maintained

     Full flexibility to adjust any aspect to fit with the client requirements

     Each unique aspect of the client operation can be covered

Modular design allows seamless integration of new business

Designed to cope with all of the complex and intricate demands of equipment pool management

Able to cope with all forms of equipment to give full overview for the client

Data can be received in a variety of formats

     Offers an efficient, flexible and low impact solution to our clients

Capable of dealing with multiple client invoices from any number of equipment providers

Ability to automatically reconcile the pool providers invoice to ensure that all of the detail is correct

Ability to automatically convert data for uploading to equipment providers systems via EDI for declaring equipment movements

     Specific location codes (e.g. CHEP Global ID numbers) are automatically assigned to the data for a smooth transition

Ability to analyse data and generate specific cost breakdown reports to allow us to provide cost saving measures and recommendations

Automatic generation of regular standard and bespoke reports allowing the client to have a complete overview of their equipment pool situation at all times