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Our Services

For thirty years we've helped some of Europe's largest manufacturers track, optimise and streamline their pallet flows, helping them navigate pallet suppliers, reduce costs and maximise supply chain efficiency. We're here to help your distribution run smoothly and support you with all of your pallet and logistics equipment needs.

Full service equipment management

Outsourced pallet and equipment management with B&M allows you to focus on your businesses core activities.


Operating in equipment management for over 30 years and with a vast range of experience, B&M can consult on your equipment management and projects.

Supply chain project management

Through understanding your equipment usage and supply chain, B&M can help to drive efficiencies and cost savings now and in the future.

Tender support & commercial negotiations

B&M will help you to understand the hidden costs of pallets that may be missed in a tender and truly make the most of your equipment pool and spend. 

Proprietary software systems

Dedicated in-house programmers combined with industry expertise can deliver the vital insight in to where your equipment is and avoid exposure to losses and unforseen costs.

Supply chain healthcheck

Understand where you may have exposure with your equipment spend and identify potential gaps in data, reporting and spend.

Industry expertise

Endorsement from some of the worlds leading FMCG manufacturers – some of which have partnered with B&M from other equipment management companies and some who just recognised the benefits of outsourcing to save time and cost.


From bespoke closed loop web based tracking to full pool management and invoice reconciliation, B&M can support data capture and more efficient management of your pallets and equipment.


Full visibility of balances, spend to target areas of avoidable cost and improve efficiencies in equipment use.

Agreed reporting

Full visibility at site and group level to demonstrate the levels of control.

Interface with the major poolers

Data management and declarations to ensure timely capture and avoid exposure to costly charges. EDI interface with clients and poolers.

Invoice reconciliation

Avoiding unnecessary spend by partnering with industry experts and saving time on trawling through complex invoices.

‘Challenge Ways of working’

B&M has worked with clients to identify areas of unnecessary spend on equipment through site and business wide cost saving. Tender support with the major providers and challenging the status quo.


B&M for Logistics Managers

Save time by outsourcing your pallet management

Outsourcing your pallet management with B&M is easy, and you'll see results from the get-go. We accept your existing pallet data however it comes so there's no need for you to spend time formatting. We also put in the legwork to gather data from every touchpoint in your supply chain, including third-party carriers and warehouses.​

B&M for Finance Managers

Take control of your logistics spend and forecast accurately

With our complete, closed-loop model you’re finally able to see the full picture of your organisation’s pallet costs. You can make informed choices about pallet suppliers and types, plus you’ll benefit from our extensive industry experience to help you make the right decisions and manage budgets.


B&M for IT Managers

Take a load off your team with outsourced reporting

Our robust tracking systems are built on powerful software which is written and maintained by our internal development team. We can provide all the reporting you need to effectively manage your pallets. Save your internal teams time and leave it to the experts!

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